About this Collection

Public health has a long and distinguished visual record. From seventeenth-century engravings to the latest digital images, visual representations have played a critical role in educating the public about modern health crises. But what purposes do these images serve beyond their immediate role in disease prevention and health education? What do they tell us about the history of health care, or attitudes toward our bodies, or the world that we live in?

As part of its Profiles in Science project, the National Library of Medicine has has made available online a collection of Visual Culture and Health Posters. This website provides access to the posters selected for inclusion in an exhibit designed for the NLM sponsored "Visual Culture and Public Health" symposium, held on October 16-17, 2003. Individuals interested in conducting research in the Visual Culture and Health Posters are invited to contact the National Library of Medicine.

This Profile is designed to introduce you to the history of the Visual Culture and Health Posters in the twentieth century. Narrative sections available from the navigation bar under "The Story" focus on the subjects covered in the collection.

Researchers can search the digitized items using the Search box or browse all Visuals in the collection by selecting "Collection Items" from the navigation bar.